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Punjab Lottery

The Punjab Lottery has been running since 1968 and is administered by a wing of the Finance Department of the Punjab Government with the aim of providing a clean and transparent lottery. The Punjab holds regular Bumper lottery draws and used to offer weekly and monthly draws with a declared turnover surpassing 55 crore. Each ‘scheme’, or draw is defined by the Finance Department to include the number of tickets that will be issued, the name of the lottery and the date on which the draw will take place – usually the date changes, but the number of tickets remains the same.

On the date of the draw, retailers return details of the tickets that haven’t been sold to the director, so these are not included in the draw. The Punjabi State Lottery Director is also at liberty to increase or decrease the number of tickets in each draw after the scheme has been announced. Draws take place in the Zila Parishad Building, located in Ludigarh, Punjab.

All winners of Punjab State lotteries are required to submit a claim form along with additional documents proving ownership and identity.

Punjab Bumper Lottery Scheme

The only lotttery draws that take place in Punjab these days are the Bumper Lottery draws which take place several times a year. These are:

  • Holi Bumper Lottery – View Results Here
  • Baisakhi Bumper Lottery – View Results Here
  • Sawan Bumper Lottery – View Results Here
  • Rakhi Bumper – View Results Here
  • Punjab State Diwali Bumper – View Results Here
  • New Year Lohri Bumper – View Results Here
  • Dear 2000 Monthly – View Results Here
  • Dear 1000 Monthly – View Results Here
  • Dear 500 Monthly – View Results Here
  • Dear 200 Monthly – View Results Here
  • Dear 100 Monthly – View Results Here

The Bumper Lottery Scheme draws work similarly to the old monthly draws. There are usually a large number of prizes available to win from 150 rupees up to an impressive Rs. 15,000,000. Each of the colourful tickets displays a number made up of six digits between 000000 and 999999. Ticket prices range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200. Players are advised to check with their local lottery agent for further information.

Punjab Monthly Lottery

Note: the Monthly Lottery draws are no longer being held. The information below is for reference only.

The Monthly Lottery jackpot was Rs. 20,00,000. Here are details of the prizes and tiers of the Monthly Lottery scheme:

Rank Match Number of Prizes Prize Amount (Rs) Per Winner
1st Match the six-digit number exactly 1 20,00,000
2nd Match the six-digit number exactly 1 10,00,000
3rd Match one of four six-digit numbers exactly 5 1,00,000
4th Match the last four digits 20 20,000
5th Match the last four digits 20 10,000
6th Match the last four digits 10000 100

Punjab Weekly Lottery

Note: the Weekly Lottery draws are no longer being held. The information below is for reference only.

The Weekly Lottery draws previously took place on Wednesdays in Ludhiana. The cost of a ticket was Rs. 20. However, since 6th June 2017, no draws have taken place. It is not clear if they will resume in the future.

Tickets were printed with a five-digit number between 10000 and 49999. In some tiers, players could win a prize by matching part of the winning code. This table displays the prize tiers and amounts for the Weekly Lottery scheme:

The Punjab State Lottery is one of the most popular lottery companies in India, featuring six bumper draws per year ]]>