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Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie (German Christmas Lottery)

The Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie is based on the popular Spanish Christmas Lottery (El Gordo de Navidad) and offers prizes worth up to €400,000. Like El Gordo, the German Christmas Lottery takes the format of a raffle and gives away thousands of guaranteed cash prizes. Find out all about the Weihnachtslotterie on this page.

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How to play the Weihnachtslotterie

To play, you simply need to purchase a ticket for the draw online. All tickets contain a unique five-digit combination between 00000 and 99999 and cost €20 each. You can select your own number if it is available or request a random combination. There are only 100,000 numbers available so tickets can sell out before the scheduled cut-off time of 12:00 on 26th December.

Once you have your tickets, just look out for the results of the draw and check whether your numbers match the winning combinations.


There are 13 prize tiers in the Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie. For the top seven categories, a series of five-digit numbers are selected at random and you win the corresponding prize if your number is an exact match, with all five digits in the right order.

The top prize is worth €400,000 and the number drawn as the jackpot winner is also used to create thousands of other prizes in tiers eight to 13. You can win a prize if the last part of your number (the final one, two, three or four digits) is the same as the winning code, while you even receive an award if the final digit of your number is one higher or lower than the last winning digit. For example, if the jackpot-winning number is something that ends in a 5 such as 11115, you win if your final number is a 4 or a 6 as well as if it is a 5. The format of the game means that at least three out of every 10 tickets are winners.

The following table shows the prizes that can be won in the Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie:

The German Christmas Lottery (Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie) draw takes place on Boxing Day and gives players the chance to win thousands of Euros in prizes.