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Ghana Lotto Results For Today – NLA

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Monday Special Lotto results for today – Ghana NLA

Lucky Tuesday Lotto results for today – Ghana NLA

MidWeek Lotto results for today – Ghana NLA

Fortune Thursday Lotto results for today – Ghana NLA

Friday Bonanza Lotto results for today – Ghana NLA

National Weekly Lotto results today – Ghana NLA

Monday Special Results For Monday

February 10, 2020
Event No: 726 Winning: 38-66-33-76-22 Machine: 23-58-68-40-89

February 3, 2020
Event No: 725 Winning: 21-23-15-4-14 Machine: 49-88-81-24-75

January 27, 2020
Event No: 724 Winning: 63-56-78-27-32 Machine: 51-15-13-17-38

Lucky Tuesday Results For Tuesday

February 11, 2020
Event No: 653 Winning: 72-44-53-59-50 Machine: 76-35-14-85-30

February 4, 2020
Event No: 652 Winning: 67-34-53-19-12 Machine: 6-80-24-37-14

January 28, 2020
Event No: 651 Winning: 41-88-85-43-81 Machine: 39-40-29-1-50

Mid Week Results For Wednesday

February 12, 2020
Event No: 847 Winning: 71-46-43-78-34 Machine: 15-32-21-22-1

February 5, 2020
Event No: 846 Winning: 2-64-61-36-49 Machine: 45-19-7-18-80

January 29, 2020
Event No: 845 Winning: 36-57-60-23-2 Machine: 59-83-77-58-52

Fortune Thursday Results For Thursday

February 13, 2020
Event No: 654 Winning: 44-63-41-11-73 Machine: 77-19-60-55-84

January 30, 2020
Event No: Winning: 8-64-26-83-74 Machine: 59-83-77-58-52

Friday Bonanza Results For Friday

February 14, 2020
Event No: 632 Winning: 6-28-7-33-16 Machine: 30-78-68-46-82

February 7, 2020
Event No: 631 Winning: 34-64-36-27-76 Machine: 4-9-22-19-66

January 31, 2020
Event No: 630 Winning: 84-62-58-90-68 Machine: 15-88-69-27-61

National Weekly Lotto Results For Saturday

February 15, 2020
Event No: 2992 Winning: 69-73-72-5-63 Machine: 86-80-90-47-9

February 8, 2020
Event No: 2991 Winning: 28-33-25-49-84 Machine: 64-82-5-53-45

February 1, 2020
Event No: 2990 Winning: 49-52-43-63-14 Machine: 73-12-56-65-57

Sunday Special Results For Sunday

When do lottery ticket sales close?

If you are buying your tickets from a Lottery outlet, it closes at 6pm on the day of a draw.

What does a Lotto ticket cost?

NLA games can be played with any amount. Games are for 18years+ and you are encouraged to Play responsibly!

Beware of scams. The National Lottery Authority warns the general public that its products are dispensed on POS Terminals allocated to its accredited or licensed Lotto Marketing Companies and the address of its official website is

How to play NLA Games on Phone

The National Lottery Authority in collaboration with KEED Ghana Limited has launched a mobile shortcode *959# to enable players to play all the various games using their mobile phones. Winners receive text messages alerting them of their win and payments are made instantly a few minutes after the draw to the same number that was used to play. To play on your phone, follow the steps below:

1- Dial *959#
2- Select the 1 for the opened game
3- Select what you want to play. If you are perming three or more numbers, select 6 which is Perm 2
4- Key in your numbers and separate them with single spaces
5- Enter the amount you are playing each line. This isn’t the total amount, but the amount you are playing each line
6- Confirm and follow prompt to make payment

Mid Week Lotto results for Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Event No.: 822
Winning Numbers: 39-5-70-29-63
Machine Numbers:
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Fortune Thursday Lotto results for Thursday, August 8, 2019

Event No.: 627
Winning Numbers: 63-87-84-81-24
Machine Numbers:

Lucky Tuesday Lotto results for Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Event No.: 627
Winning Numbers: 46-08-37-59-41
Machine Numbers: 51-05-27-45-11

National Weekly Lotto results for Saturday, 3 August, 2019

Event No.: 2964
Winning Numbers: 12-80-1-12-70
Machine Numbers: 66-45-10-23-61

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