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Eurojackpot Finland

Eurojackpot Odds & Prize Draw Breakdown

Players must pick 5 balls from a pool of 50 and 2
Euro Numbers from a separate pool of 10.

View the FAQs for an explanation of how overall odds of winning are calculated

How to track Eurojackpot lotto

If you want to follow the westlotto eurojackpot and at the
right time find out all the important news, whether they are related to the
eurojackpot generator, you need to be persistent and take enough time.

In other words, you should check how good is your internet
connection, because only so can you get the newest information.

Next, to the Internet, you will need a computer or a cell
phone. With your cell phone, you will be most flexible because you will be able
to accompany the latest events in the world of lotto games from anywhere.

You can do this through Lottomania where you can find the latest lotto information.

For instance, you will find out how many times someone won a
jackpot and how big was the main prize.

Perhaps this information will help you to find out if
someone else can win some money again.

For example, you can find out how likely a player is to
guess all drawn numbers. Who knows maybe next time it will be you.

Lotto jackpot winners

Do you know who is eurojackpot current winner? If you don’t
have this information, it doesn’t matter because the next winner may be you.

Did you think about spending money if you win money at the lottery? If you are not sure there are some tips that can help the future jackpot winners.

Eurojackpot lottery winnings

First of all, fix your debts. If you have outstanding debts,
get rid of the first thing and only then proceed with the plans.

After that, you can think about how to spend the rest of the
money. For example, you can buy real estate or invest in stocks.

It’s important that you find the best way how to invest your

Finally, you can indulge in the journey you could only dream
of before. Since we all have one life, it is clear that life should be fully

If you are not sure you can always seek professional help
whether it is a lawyer or perhaps a financial expert.

A financial expert could best explain how to make money. For
instance, it will be best to know which companies are best to invest.

Likewise, you will be able to refer to the latest state of
the world economy and when it is best to spend money and in what way.

This service might cost you more than you think, but when
you look at the overall picture you will understand that it is worth it.

However legal will help you best if you want to protect from
those who just want to take advantage of you.

Therefore, it would be good to take care of the discretion.
In other words, let only the closes members of family and friends the happy

Do the best for yourself and make sure you really enjoy the
money you earn.

Best lottery strategy

Which is the best strategy to win a jackpot? There are
several tips that can help you with this.

For example, avoid combinations of numbers that were
previously made. Some experts believe that it is not good to pick the already
drawn numbers because they will probably not be pulled out again.

But everyone has the right to their opinion, so every player
has to decide for themselves.

There is another advice, which is to avoid selecting five
numbers from one group. There are few chances that all five winning numbers
will be drawn from one group.

For example, it would be best to avoid the combination of
numbers 1-2-3-4-5 because this is the most commonly played combination.

Avoid multiples, especially combinations like 25-20-15-10-5.
However many players have the habit of playing combinations ending with number

On the other hand, there are those who like to choose one of
these same combinations because they include their happy numbers.

Numerous players like to choose calendar numbers like
birthdays or anniversaries. In other words that mean the most prominent numbers
from 1 to 31.

However, if you decide to play by the numbers from the
calendar, there is a chance that you will share the jackpot with many other

This does not mean that you should avoid this option but
just include some high numbers.

In conclusion, it is best to combine high numbers and those
you have chosen for you as an important date.

Become a EuroJackpot Winner

Player, which matches all five main numbers and both complementary numbers, wins EuroJackpot Grand Prize. If more than one person guesses the coveted combination, the prize is divided between the winners in equal parts. If no one guessed the right combination, then the entire main prize goes to the next EuroJackpot draw, until it reaches the maximum set limit of 90 million euros.

Players, guessed less than seven numbers, can win a consolation prize, whose size depends on the guessed combination. As expected, the biggest consolation prize in EuroJackpot will go to that player, which will guess more numbers, Well, a smaller number of guessed numbers will bring a smaller consolation prize. Smaller consolation prizes are based on the total EuroJackpot prize pool, as well as the number of players, guessing combinations in each prize category.

Any lottery, which offers an initial cash prize of € 10 million, doomed to become popular. But whether EuroJackpot will appeal to online players, similar to the famous EuroMillions lottery, time will tell.

Follow the updates on the site, to keep abreast of the latest news from the world of the new European lottery EuroJackpot!

З.Ы. If you want to save money on buying tickets, you can take advantage of special offers.

Eurojackpot Numbers (Last 10 Draws)

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results, Draws and Viking Lotto Winnings

Vikinglotto draws take place every
week, on Wednesdays, in 20:00 by local time (21:00 by Moscow time) in
Norwegian city of Hamar. Online broadcast of the draws is carried out on
European television.

Besides, Vikinglotto results are published on the official lottery website. Many services, who are engaged in online ticket sales, also carry out video broadcasting of draws, and report the results of the game, as they are interested in attracting additional audience, that is, their potential customers.

Hundreds of thousands of players and just observers of the game, to find out the Viking Lotto results, visit specialized sites and check the winning numbers, the nature of the distribution of prizes among the participants. Analyzing the archive of Viking Lotto draws, it is possible, based on the calculations performed, to form your own game strategy and, respectively, increase your chances of success in the game.

It should be noted, that the organizers
take information security very seriously. Each edition of the Viking
loto goes the following way. First, information about the combinations sold
falls to Denmark, where it is carefully analyzed, and then to Sweden. Exchange
information is carried out in order, to minimize the likelihood
falsification of circulation results and other abuses. Main Commission,
in charge of the Viking Lotto in Hamar (Norway), does not have
access to information about the combinations sold, which also allows you to exclude
possible manipulations with circulation.

Winning at Vikinglotto can be very
impressive. In case of a match 6 + 1 the player hits the lottery jackpot. IN 2017
year, a jackpot limit was introduced – it cannot be more than 35 million and
less 3 million. Jackpot and second tier prizes are distributed among all
countries, participating in the lottery, but the rest of the prizes are regulated by each
member country independently.

The chances of hitting the jackpot are
present time 1 to 98,1 million. On the guessed 6 combinations (chances – 1 to 14 million)
stands out 30% prize fund. Yet 17% the prize fund is allocated for the guessed
combinations 5 and 1 (chances – 1:400 031). Chances to guess 5 numbers are 1 to
56 001, a combination of 4 +1 – 1 to 7 596, and from 4 numbers – 1 to
1 098. The fewer numbers are guessed, the more likely it is to join
lottery winners. for example, chance to guess 3 + 1 is 1 to 439, a chance
guess 3 numbers – 1 to 60.

The history of Vikinglotto has many examples of successful lottery games. So, in 2016 year, even before the introduction of the limit in 35 million, the largest jackpot in the history of the lottery was hit – it amounted to 327 million crowns (44 million). This prize was distributed among themselves 1 the lucky one from Denmark and the syndicate from 10 players from Norway. Both tickets received 163 million crowns (22 million). IN 2013 year, a Norwegian Viking Lotto ticket buyer hit a jackpot of 216 million crowns (29 million), and in 2014 year another Norwegian won 127 million crowns (17 million). The account of the millionth winnings was opened by a player from Denmark in the distant 2004 year, ripped off the jackpot in size 21 million crowns (2 million).

High stakes and a rather tangible probability of getting at least a minimal prize attract a large number of players and observers to Vikinglotto not only from Scandinavia, Baltic States and Slovenia, but also from other states. Some people specifically travel to countries that participate in the lottery, to try your luck.

Lucky ones, who are lucky and they
won the Viking lottery, should remember about the nuances of tax
legislation of the countries participating in the lottery. So, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway,
Finland, Iceland, Lithuania and Estonia, Vikinglotto winnings are not taxable
taxed. Is considered, that all necessary taxes are paid to the state
lottery organizer company.

However, in the two participating countries, all
there is taxation of winnings. So, in Latvia all winnings are
from 3 thousand euros to 55 thousand euros are taxed at 23% from the sum
winnings, and prizes from above 55 thousand euros – 31,4; of the winnings. If you
won less than 3 thousand euros, you don’t need to pay tax. But if you
played Vikinglotto
in Slovenia, then here the tax will have to be paid on the amount of the win, exceeding 300
euros, and it will be 15%.


Compared to other lotteries, such as Euro Millions and German lotto 6 out 49,, EuroJackpot is arranged this way, so that the main prize finds its winner more often (a chance to win a Euro Millions jackpot – 1 of 117 million, and less 1 of 139 million for German Lotto). As a result, the jackpot does not accumulate to the same levels, such as the Euro Million jackpot, as it is more often won. The biggest EuroJackpot jackpot has been raffled 15 May 2015 of the year. The prize went to the winner from the Czech Republic and equaled 90.000.000,00 euros.

The probability of winning the EuroJackpot lottery
Number of coincidences Probability
1 (jackpot) 5 + 2 1 : 95 344 200
2 5 + 1 1 : 5 959 013
3 5 1 : 3 405 150
4 4 + 2 1 : 423 752
5 4 + 1 1 : 26 485
6 4 1 : 15 134
7 3 + 2 1 : 9 631
8 2 + 2 1 : 672
9 3 + 1 1 : 602
10 3 1 : 344
11 1 + 2 1 : 128
12 2 + 1 1 : 42

To 31 january 2013 years for the accumulation of the EuroJackpot lottery there was a limit: if the jackpot is not hit within 12 consecutive draws, in the next draw, provided that no player guesses everything 7 rooms, the first prize goes to the winner of the next category. This situation happened in August 2012 of the year, when the record jackpot is 27.545.857,50 the euro went to the player from Germany, guessing 5 main numbers and only one of the additional numbers.

Top ten lotto wins in Eurojackpot history

Despite his very young age, the European Eurojackpot draw has already played its maximum jackpot of € 90 million and has come close to this amount several times. Below is a list of 10 record Eurojackpot lottery winnings since its inception..

  1. The Eurojackpot maximum jackpot of € 90,000,000 was hit 15 May 2015 happy winner from the Czech Republic.
  2. The second jackpot was € 84,777,435.80 €. It was played out 29 july 2016 years and went to a lottery fan from the Czech Republic.
  3. In third place is the jackpot of € 76,766,891.40 €. It was played just four months earlier, 25 Martha 2016 of the year, and an anonymous player from Germany became its owner.
  4. In fourth place is the grand prize of € 61,170,752.70, ripped off on a single ticket, bought in Finland, 12 september 2014 of the year.
  5. The fifth line contains the jackpot from 5 December 2014 years in the amount of € 58.683.173.90 euros. It was ripped off by a lucky player from Germany.
  6. In sixth place was the main prize of € 57.275.841.60 euros. It was played out 4 April 2014 years and went to the anonymous winner from Finland.
  7. On the seventh line the jackpot, won with one ticket from Germany 1 january 2016 of the year. Its amount was € 49.685.851.50 euros.
  8. The eighth was the jackpot, inherited by a Danish player 20 february 2015 of the year. Its size was € 49.670.283 euros.
  9. The main prize is in ninth place, played out 24 july 2015 of the year. The owner of the sum of € 46.154.745.90 is an anonymous lucky man from Finland.
  10. Rounding out the top ten jackpot for € 46.079.338.80 €, who found its owner 12 April 2013 of the year. The winner is an anonymous lottery fan from Germany.

Eurojackpot Finland Eurojackpot Odds & Prize Draw Breakdown Players must pick 5 balls from a pool of 50 and 2 Euro Numbers from a separate pool of 10. View the FAQs for an explanation of

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Latest & Recent Spain EuroJackpot Results

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