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What is Argent Web?

Argent Web is similar to prepaid cards that you’ve seen before. You buy a coupon at a point of sale, deposit the amount into your account and spend it playing games!

Where can I buy them?

Get Argent Web coupons where you usually buy your lottery tickets – It’s as easy as that! Coupons are available in blocks of $10, from $10 to $100 per coupon.

What are they used for?

Argent Web coupons may only be used ON THE INTERNET: on Loto-Québec’s websites and applications. They are exclusively used to purchase products on (some conditions may apply).

What’s the advantage?

It’s simply another way to deposit money in your Espacejeux account.

Can I buy as many as I want?

Depending on the deposit limits that you set for yourself, you may deposit a maximum of $500 in Argent Web coupons per week per customer account.

Can I obtain a refund?

You may obtain a refund for an unused Argent Web coupon within six days following its purchase, but only from the retailer where the coupon was purchased.

How can I use them?

Register on
You must enter some personal information. It only takes a few minutes!

Log in and deposit the coupon in your Espacejeux account. To do so, go to the Deposit page and select Argent Web. Then enter the code on the coupon. If you’re using a mobile phone, you may scan the QR code instead of entering the code manually.

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