autolotto processor scam

Auto Lotto Processor

Price: $127
Trial: No
Guarantee: A 60-day money-back guarantee
Description: Auto Lotto Processor is a software aimed at helping you “crack” the lottery code and increase your chances of success through the selection of the right numbers.

I joined lotto processor. This is a scam. I asked for a refund. no response. After cancellation they continued to deduct funds. SCAMSTERS
seeking others who have been cheated by Auto Lotto Processors to bring a class action lawsuit.

I have an almost two year online membership with autolotto program and have actually lost small amounts of money using this system so far playing various WA state games such as Powerball, Mega millions and Hit 5.

Have not won anything yet using this program but would like to.

I’ve been playing for a while. Not winning much at all using auto lotto processor.

In a year, I’ve won $2 once

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Auto Lotto Processor Exposed — A Guaranteed Win or a Massive Miss?

Auto Lotto Processor Review

The moment you open the Auto Lotto Processor website, you’re welcomed by a large red sign about a woman who won 100,000 dollars from the lottery by using the software. If you want to win the lotto at any cost, chances are that you’ll be impressed and would want to give Auto Lotto Processor a try. After all, the software that guarantees such massive prizes should be worthy, shouldn’t it? Hold your horses! The man behind Auto Lotto Processor has a long, long history and a lot of it isn’t as positive as he would like it to be.

What Is Auto Lotto Processor and What Does It Do?

Auto Lotto Processor is yet another piece of software in the portfolio of Richard Lustig – the man who gave the world Lottery Dominator and Lotto Decoded. We will take a more thorough look at Lustig’s lottery history in one of the coming sections.

The Auto Lotto Processor website is as filled with advertising clichés as a candy store is with eager children. There are pictures of dozens of people who won the lottery using this software to crack the code. Lustig also shares that he hired 5statistical analysis experts, four advanced theory experts (whatever that is) and three computer science graduates to develop an algorithm aimed at helping users pick the most favorable lottery numbers.

Unfortunately, the presentation does not reveal how these numbers are chosen, whether statistical analysis is employed or if the formula is based on hot and cold numbers. Behind the market hype there is… nothing.

There’s one very, very, very important thing research has revealed about Auto Lotto Processor. Richard Lustig has an affiliate program – people who advertise his software and generate a sale will get a percentage of the proceeds. As a result, there are dozens of fake, excessively positive Auto Lotto Processor reviews online. None of them are genuine and they all sound the same, which is why the marketing texts are easy to recognize. Please do not fall for these reviews – their authors have a pronounced interest in making you think that Auto Lotto Processor is the most potent lottery software on the face of the planet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s the big kicker – Lustig is one greedy, greedy guy. The Auto Lotto Processor comes with a modest price tag of 127 dollars. Do you know how many lottery tickets you can buy for this amount in order to test your luck?

Alternatively, you can opt for a free of charge predictor based on hot and cold numbers. At least you will know the theory behind the choice of one digit or another.

How Does Auto Lotto Processor Work?

Even after reading the entire Auto Lotto Processor website page (believe us, it’s a long, tedious and boring read!), it still doesn’t become clear how the software works or what Lustig’s revolutionary formula is.

Auto Lotto Processor is a rehashed version of the other software products Lustig has out there. Obviously, this guy wasn’t satisfied with the sale of the previous programs and the books that he has out there. As a result, he has had to resort to clone creation. This software doesn’t feature anything new or more impressive than Lustig’s previous attempts. And once again, the presentation is vague on purpose and it doesn’t deliver any valuable information.

According to Lustig, hundreds of people are using Auto Lotto Processor’s formula to earn 25 to 35 dollars from the lottery per week. We did a lot of research to find the stories of at least a few of these lucky winners online. Not a single person has bragged about using Auto Lotto Processor to win on a weekly basis. We leave the conclusion to you.

Auto Lotto Processor’s Terms and Conditions

Auto Lotto Processor’s promo page does not have terms and conditions. If the previous information did not raise a red flag, this one definitely should. Lustig doesn’t make any promises about maintaining your privacy or offering you a certain type of support for the money you invest in his software.

Once you go to the Auto Lotto Processor checkout page, you’ll see a brief terms and conditions statement at the bottom of the payment form.

The statement suggests that people who buy Auto Lotto Processor are entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee (this is a standard ClickBank guarantee as Lustig is offering the software through this platform).

The statement also warns you that by entering your email, you are agreeing to the vendor using it to fulfill the purchase and for marketing purposes. As a result of this statement, you will probably be bombarded by Lustig’s spam in the future. If you don’t want to get unsolicited messages in the future, you may want to think twice about downloading Auto Lotto Processor.

Who Is Behind Auto Lotto Processor?

Richard Lustig’s name has been mentioned in this review multiple times already. To paint a complete picture about who he is and what he does, we’ll have to take a look at his history.

Richard Lustig became famous in 1993 when he won the lottery for the first time. Since then, he has won a total of seven times. He won both lotteries and scratchcard games. The total sum of prizes he accumulated through the years is 1.047 million dollars.

There is nothing revolutionary about the formula Lustig uses to win. In fact, he has mentioned it several times in interviews. The information is also featured in the book that he wrote in 2013 (still available on Amazon and you may want to go through the reviews – some of them are hilarious). Lustig buys multiple tickets, plays the same numbers and never misses a drawing. When playing scratch games, he acquires an entire batch of tickets from a retail venue.

So many statisticians have already confirmed that this approach will lead to winning – multiple entries increase the odds of claiming a prize. The prize, however, could be much lower than the amount invested in participation.

This is the big secret and the most important factor nobody addresses. While Lustig has won 1.047 million dollars through the years, he has never revealed just how much he has spent on tickets. A person who’s a lucky millionaire, however, will not have to turn to software sales in order to support himself. All of the desperate attempts Lustig is making to push his dozens of cloned products are indicative of something not being completely right.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Richard Lustig has finally lost it. His previous products were priced in the range from 30 to 50 dollars. Auto Lotto Processor comes with a ridiculous price. Even if there’s some statistical merit behind the formula, you can find similar lottery number predictors for free.

We all want to be big winners and marketing plays with this desire. Lustig is particularly skilled when it comes to pulling on emotional strings. The pictures of lucky winners holding large cheques on all of his promo pages make potential buyers wish they had a similar experience. Unfortunately, Lustig’s products aren’t the ones that will help you get there.

Auto Lotto Processor misses the mark completely – there is no statistical justification or explanation of how it works. A genuine product will display its strengths proudly. All that Lustig makes is empty promises.

Please save your money and do not get fooled by skilled salesmen like Richard Lustig. Auto Lotto Processor is not going to do anything for you, which is why this exceptionally overpriced software gets a 1 out of 10 stars rating.

Auto Lotto Processor received 4 reviews with an average rating of 1.3. Read Auto Lotto Processor reviews before purchasing and consider what lottery players say about it.

Is Auto Lotto Processor Another Lottery Scam?

You might be wondering what exactly is Auto Lotto Processor. It’s a system that claims to generate ticket numbers that have a higher probability of winning a lottery. In this review, we take a closer look at the system.

It looks good from a distance but is that true? It may also be a scam which is out there to rip you off. It’s always a good idea to do your own analysis before coming to a conclusion and becoming a part of these programs.

What Is Auto Lotto Processor?

Created by a guy called Richard Lustig, AutoLottoProcessor selects numbers which are more likely to win in a lottery. Instead of picking up totally random numbers, it will pick the ones which are more likely to outdo other numbers.

If you play with numbers that are likely to do better, you increase your chances of winning and making money. It’s like playing a game with a loaded dice. The program claims to work all across the US and there are some who even tasted success with it.

The owner Richard has actually won a handful lotto grand prizes and his win percentage is pretty healthy. He claims to share his ‘secret’ winning formula in his product.

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Well.. It Doesn’t Work

Yes, that’s right. Despite all the bold claims made by Richard, there are very few people who had some success with the product. In fact, the drawings in a lottery are totally random. There’s no way one can predict a number and increase the odds of succeeding.

The owner sure may have won a lot of prizes but it was nothing more than a fluke. It’s all random and looks like he just got lucky. There was some statistics professor who even proved Lustig’s formula wrong.

Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam?

We can’t say for sure, there’s not enough evidence here. The formula doesn’t work (at least not for majority of the people), it could be that Lustig believed he won and made money because of some ‘secret formula’ and he’s just being delusional here.

The formula makes no sense, was even disapproved by a professor. Not just that, there are people who actually purchased the product and like expected, it failed them big time. For these reasons, some say you should stay away from the autolotto processor scam.

If that still interests you, you’re free to test it out. Just don’t have high hopes from the product. It’s something we are definitely not going to use anytime soon and can’t recommend to our readers.

It’s a fact most people go broke trying their luck in lottery. That’s because they are looking for easy money and 99.99% people never get anything out of it. You just can’t depend on chance and hope to be rich. It will never be something you can depend on.

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Can you really improve the chances winning a lottery with Auto Lotto Processor? In our latest review, we take a closer look at the system.